Ricardo Sarmiento: Cinematographer for YNTSKY

Ricardo Sarmiento has built a body of work that makes him increasingly recognized for his ability as both an artist and a professional.

Born in Bogota, Colombia and since graduating New York City’s Hunter College‘s acclaimed film program, Sarmiento has spent the last 20 years infusing his career with breadth and depth.  From his work on the celebrated Latin short film “New York de Maca” to his role as 2nd Unit Director of Photography for Oscar-nominated WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE, he is consistently inspired by and proud of his contributionto “meaningful filmmaking.”

Sarmiento has done his best to surround himself by the best.  He hasworked under acclaimed industry leaders, most notably Oscar-nominated Spike Lee (having worked with him steadily since MALCOLM X 1997 and most recently on INSIDE MAN), John Singleton, Matthew Libatique, Butch Robinson, and acclaimed music video directors Jake Nava and Hype Willliams.  Among his myriad of professional projects and relationships, Sarmiento has worked with major brands and celebrities: Nike, Budweiser,
muscian Kelis, actors John Leguizamo, Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster.

With a professional range that includes motion picture features, documentaries, commercials and music videos, Sarmiento prides himself on his ability to be adaptable.  He is bilingual (Spanish and English) and has worked in many countries worldwide (NYC-local, LA-local, Singapore, Haiti, Jamaica, Japan, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain).

This summer, as Director of Photography, he wrapped principal photography on 40 Acres and a Mule thriller YOU’RE NOBODY…TIL SOMEBODY KILLS YOU (2011) and looks forward to next great challenge in his increasingly accomplished career.

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