Snoop Dogg’s “Hood of Horror” [review]

This 2006 feature is a must see for the HHH (Hip Hop Horror) category, but to be honest… I’ll look at anything with Danny Trejo, aka Machette! Snoop Dogg’s “Hood of Horror” is a hip hop horror anthology of 3 tales of terror told by the “Hound of Hell” (Snoop Dogg) that revolve around the residents of an inner-city neighborhood whose actions determine where they will go in the afterlife.

The 3 tales are as follows:

Crossed Out
Posie (Daniella Alonso), a female “tagger” or graffiti artist, is given the power of death by one of the Hounds of Hell, the Derelict (Danny Trejo), who captures her while she tries to escape from some gang members (Teyo Johnson, Noel Gugliemi and Jeffrey Licon). With it, any tag she “crosses out” causes the gruesome demise of the original tagger. She later suffers the ultimate price when she loses sight of her calling as an artist and starts to abuse her power. The Derelict takes the power away and sics the recently deceased gang members on her. They lodge a spray-paint can in her head and spray the wall with her blood into a beautiful mural. A service is given for Posie and her beautiful flower mural, while Devon and Derelict watch on in human disguises.

The Scumlord
A white trash racist couple, Tex Woods Jr. (Anson Mount) and Tiffany (Brande Roderick) are given the chance at inheritance. Tex’s father, Tex Woods Sr. (Chuck Hicks) dies “mysteriously”, but in order for them to receive the inheritance, they have to live with some black Vietnam vets (Ernie Hudson, Richard Gant, Tucker Smallwood and L. Kenneth Richardson) that served under Tex’s father for a year. Instead of learning to tolerate and respect, Tex and Tiffany just harass them and force them to work. When they start to cause casualties, they soon become victims to their unhappy house mates. After Tiffany ironically dies by stomach explosion from caviar and Tex Woods Jr.’s demise, the remaining housemates gain the inheritance of their friend Tex Woods and celebrate. Soon, Devon, who is now revealed to be the new landlord, greets them and congratulates them on their new wealth. However, it’s short lived when Tiffany’s dog starts barking at Devon, who shoots it in anger, then calmly saying, “No pets allowed.”

Rapsody Askew
A new rapper named SOD (Pooch Hall) is finally starting to gain recognition and fame. During an awards show after party, he is confronted by Clara (Lin Shaye), a mysterious woman who seemingly stops time (implying she too is a Hound of Hell). She shows him videos from SOD’s up and coming days: from when he first met Quon (Aries Spears) to Quon’s last day when he was gunned down in a liquor store by a masked burglar. During that life, Quon was always there acting as a big brother usually defending SOD when his ego got out of line. When SOD denies having to do with his death, Quon enters the room. Back from the dead, Quon knows it was really SOD and Jersey (SOD’s manager) who was really behind his death revealing the elborate plot of SOD wearing a bulletproof vest as well as Jersey being the gunman as an act of betrayal and act of fame. Quon then brutally kills Jersey and frames SOD, who is then gunned down by the police.

“Hood of Horror” didn’t sweep the Academy Awards, let alone score over 15% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it’ still a fun Hip Hop Horror film and also features Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars), Method Man and Jason Alexander (Seinfeld).

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